Use the barcode number on the back of your library card to download eBooks or downloadable audiobooks, search our Library Catalog online to put a hold on a book/CD/DVD (only when it is checked out to someone else), to check to see where you are in line (queue) for a Hold Request (our library’s new items go to our Wabasha patrons first, so don’t despair when a new book has a lot of people waiting for it), re-new a book before it becomes overdue, or use one of our Other Resources/Library Databases such as EBSCO where, for instance, you can search all past articles in Consumer Reports and print out which article works best for you. The number on the back of your library card (number is above barcode) is entered without any spaces. The PIN is the last four digits of your phone number (you can change the PIN later under My Account). You will need the PIN to use the Library Databases (under Other Resources on the Library Catalog page). The PIN is also needed when you Search The Catalog and put a Hold Request on an item checked-out to someone else and unavailable (If the item you are searching is available, please come into the library to find it on the shelf. Items on the shelf are on a first come/first serve basis. A request to hold an item is only for items not available and we will call you when it becomes available again). You also need your library card number and PIN to go to My Account where you will see what you have checked out, when they are due, renew (note that online, you will need to renew before they become overdue), and what you have on Hold Requests.  Ask the library to add your e-mail address to be notified when Hold Requests come in, or to get alerts to when your items are just about to become overdue, called “Pre-Overdue Notices” (you can later update your e-mail address anytime in My Account). When searching the online Wabasha Public Library Catalog, the default is to search Wabasha first. If you cannot find what you need, go to the scroll down menu on the right of the page, scroll up to the top to “All Locations”. This will then search all southeast Minnesota libraries. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, go to the tab at the top of the page: MNLink. This will search all the rest of the libraries in Minnesota. When you find the item, you will only need to enter your library card number (no PIN needed in MNLink) and put in Southeastern Libraries Cooperating as Pickup Location and then Wabasha Public Library as pick up point on the request page. If you still can’t find what you want, you can go to the left hand side of the MNLink page to “create a request”. Here you enter the information on what you are searching for and a librarian will search outside the state. Note that there may be fees for obtaining an item out-of-state. Also, MNLink requires you to search and obtain available items, or put a hold on unavailable items, first at your local library, then SELCO (Southeastern Libraries Cooperating), before MNLink will put through your request for an item throughout Minnesota. Here is a website to help you use MNLink .

Call The Wabasha Public Library if you have any questions, if you need to update your address or add your e-mail for pre-overdue and other overdue notices, or if you would like to know what your PIN is, at 651-565-3927.

Library cards are free to all Minnesota residents. To be a resident, you only need to own property, or rent (including a permanent boat slip or semi-permanent campground rental) in Minnesota. Do not “lend” out your library card number as this limits your access. Encourage people to get their own library card from their local library. Should your library card be lost or stolen, please report it immediately to your library to avoid responsibility to unauthorized use which could include financial costs for damaged/lost items and a lock on your account until the fees are paid.