Thank you for your patience as we installed new carpet in the library!  The carpet was installed by Larry Kennedy, Cody McNallan and Bruce Olson.  It was supplied by Interstate Building Supply.  Thank you to the many volunteers who helped to move furniture, shelving, and books.  Saturday’s volunteers included:  Greg and Gus Glomski, Dave Kennebeck, Pete Crosby, and Bruce and B.J. Hall.  The Friends of the Library helped to shelve the books, audiobooks, DVDs, and music CDs on Thursday afternoon.  The Friends included:  Jane Hager, Kay LaRocque, Jackie Kreye, Dee Mertes, Claire Abbott and Barb Deming.  Thank you to Patti at Hill’s Hardware for loaning us tubs to store items in during the week.  “There’s nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.”   – Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle.