What are Tonies?

The Toniebox is a soft, screen-free speaker for children. Using magnetic figurines called Tonies, toddlers and young children can navigate storytelling, music, and guided activities independently. It is a kid-safe media platform filled with content from premium partners.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Toniebox is a great companion for independent play. The controls are designed with little listeners (and little hands) in mind, so kids can easily adjust volume, fast forward, rewind and change stories all on their own.

  • Squeeze an ear to raise or lower the volume.
  • Tap the sides to change chapters or tilt to fast-forward or rewind.
  • Even swapping stories is simple. Just place a different Tonie on the box to begin a new adventure!

The Toniebox and Tonies checkout for 2 weeks similar to a book.  A limit of one Toniebox and 4 Tonies / family.  Please stop in or contact the Library for more information.  Thank you to the Friends of the Library for funding the Tonies.  Thank you to the Winona Public Library for sharing the Tonie information.